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Key_HoldingWith Stone Security Services as a registered principle key holder, the 'out of hours' work normally associated with these responsibilities are taken away from clients, and left in our more than capable hands.

With a large network of highly trained response officers, Stone Security Services can respond rapidly to any disturbances and alarm activations.

In such cases, liaison with alarm companies and authorities is always handled by a highly experienced member of the team.

Key_Holding for only 1poundIn addition, any emergency repairs will be handled and a full incident report is documented and left with clients, along with any of our expert's opinions ideas on how to prevent any future situations. Only in the most severe cases will Stone Security Services disturb clients for further instruction.

The level of response is not limited to just alarm activation. Stone Security Services key holding duties stretch to the following:

  • Plant machinery
  • Control system access
  • Perimeter detection systems

Building long standing relationships with each client, the company provide a completely flexible and reliable key holding service, allowing our clients to sleep well at night knowing their property is secure.