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  March 2019
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This instalment of the newsletter is long overdue. We hope it will be a good way of keeping in touch, providing the means to keep you up to date on what’s happening, give you any news and generally provide information that will keep us all on the same page as a company and as a team. We also want to use this newsletter to recognise and reward employees who, through each quarter of the year, have made an outstanding contribution to their role, exercised initiative, gone the extra mile, are regarded highly by clients, or who in some other way have shown themselves worthy of special recognition. Please feel free to nominate fellow employees for this reward going forward, providing reasons for your nomination.

Management Changes

Many of you have already met Brian Ardrey, who joined the Company in October 2018. Although his official title is Commercial Manager, he will have overall managerial responsibilities across the Company. His incredible enthusiasm has been obvious from the start, not least because he hardly ever takes a day off! At weekends he is seen strolling around our sites across the North West, making sure officers are working well and clients are pleased with the service we offer. As a result, he has been able to experience at first hand the various demands of each particular site, as well as the challenges faced by our officers in all manner of different situations. Brian has already forged great relationships wherever he has been, providing encouragement and guidance, and resolving issues and problems as he goes. Tony (MD) has received high praise for Brian from officers and clients alike, and we are all pleased that he is with us. We hope he will stay with us for many years to come.

Rebecca Caveney has also been restyled as HR Manager. Having qualified at Level 5 in CIPD (the national HR qualification), and having previously been styled as HR Administrator, this promotion recognises the quite remarkable progress Rebecca has made in her career. Working closely with Tony in all matters concerning employment, Rebecca has also immersed herself in the requirements of SIA, ensuring that the Company complies with all of its statutory and regulatory obligations. She has become something of an expert in screening and vetting (according to our SIA auditors!), earning high praise also for her outstanding tracking and record-keeping in relation to the requirements surrounding the employment of foreign nationals.

In this regard, Justin has also taken the reins as something of a largely self-taught expert in all things security, now receiving formal training and qualifications when possible (and still having the time to bring Brian up to speed on all aspects of the security industry!). He also works tirelessly in the Company’s interests and, like Rebecca, has taken it upon himself to ensure that he knows, understands, and implements the requirements of the SIA, as well as Health & Safety Regulations.

Gary, in accounts, has also taken on extra duties. He used to be a voice at the end of a phone for employees with payroll queries, but now he visits site and after years of only telephone conversations, names are being put to faces and new relationships forged as Gary attends to welfare matters and also obliges with the delivery of uniforms and anything else that needs to be taken to site. Hence, our officers are receiving more regular visits and helpful communication with the Company.

The management team is now very focused, competent, qualified and united, working precisely as a team to lead us into the future.

Employee of the Quarter

Of course, all of our efforts would come to nothing if it were not for our officers, who actually do the work on the ground, often in very difficult circumstances. They represent the Company not only to our clients, but also to members of the public, whom they also keep safe. Huge thanks to you all for everything that you do. Although, as in all walks of life, officers come and go, it always speaks volumes when we can boast that most of our officers have remained loyal to the Company for many years, even back to the days when Lee Jones first got the business on the road. We have come a long way since then, thanks to Lee’s vision and determination, and officers have always been willing to change, modernise and progress.

Each quarter we like to recognise in a special way a particular officer who has stood out to us, or who has been commended to us by the client to whom s/he is assigned.

The employee who has been identified for this quarter’s award is Robert Collins. Although a relatively new employee, Robert has literally turned the site around at First Street in Manchester, earning the respect of his team, which he manages extremely well, and the esteem of the client. First Street is a difficult site to manage, especially because the potential for dangerous and unpleasant confrontation with drunks and drug-affected people, as well as homeless people, is very high. Robert has created firm procedures for his team to work to; he identifies patterns of behaviour and addresses them; and he has made a huge difference to morale among his team mates and in the client’s confidence in our Company. Robert will receive £50 worth of vouchers of his choice, and our thanks for his efforts and commitment.

Team of the Quarter

Likewise, we are always on the prowl to identify teams who have had the same effect and have been noticed either by the Company or by the client. Special recognition this quarter goes to the team at Royal Albert Dock. We have been receiving a stream of compliments from the client at the way in which members of the team step in, use their initiative and routinely resolve potential hazards (like bits of metal being blown off roofs toward people on the ground!), or conflicts between people. A drunk visitor to the dock who fell over and literally rolled through the barrier and into the water was only the latest in a stream of calamities to which our team responded superbly. Our thanks and congratulations to them.